Welcome to our dedicated Ark Ascended game server, designed exclusively for 4-player tribes.

Join a vibrant community and embark on an exhilarating, strategic adventure.
Combine your skills and resources, and conquer the challenges of Ascended Ark as a dynamic duo.
With balanced rules and a supportive environment, our server provides an immersive experience for 2-player tribes.
Whether you’re exploring treacherous dungeons or engaging in intense PvP battles, teamwork and coordination are crucial for success.
Join us now and carve your legend in the awe-inspiring world of Ark Ascended.
Prepare for an epic journey of triumph, camaraderie, and Ascended dominance as a formidable duo.
Ark ascended
PVP servers 4 Man x10 map cluster

Ark ascended

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– More servers soon –

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inxserv suggest you the best unofficial servers !

pvp 4man x10 cluster with all maps ! best plugins, orp, nerf dinos & stuff…