Welcome to our Ark Evolved game server, specifically designed for 4-player tribes.

Join a dynamic community and embark on an exciting, strategic adventure.
Combine your skills and resources, and conquer the challenges of a prehistoric world as a unified team.
With balanced rules and a supportive environment, our server offers an immersive experience for 4-player tribes.
Unleash your collective strength and dominate the captivating universe of Ark.
Join us now and create your legend in a world where teamwork and coordination are paramount.
Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with triumph and camaraderie.
Ark classic
PVP servers 4 Man x10 map cluster

Ark A.S.E – 4Man

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inxserv suggest you the best unofficial servers !

pvp 4man x10 cluster with all maps ! best plugins, orp, nerf dinos & stuff…