Cluster ARK PVP

INX 4Man x10


serveur ark pvp
Liste des mods

Solo Farm
Maga ORP
HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
Structures Plus
Awesome Spyglass
Maps Extension

Check mods list

  • The Island
  • Ragnarok
  • The Center
  • Crystal Isles
  • Genesis 2
    Lost Island
    Scorched Earth
  • Fjordur
plugins List
  • /suicide
  • /shop
    Maga ORP
    PVP & Raid CD
    Smooth Transfert
  • Dino colors Tokkens
  • CrossChat


In-Game settings

Cluster ARK PVP INX 4Man X10

General Settings
  • Game mode : PvP
  • Tribe limit : 4
  • Maximum character level : 205 (with ascensions)
  • Maximum wild dinos level : 150
  • Alliance system : No
  • Auto Engrams : Yes
  • Nanny imprint : 100%
  • Max Dinos per tribe : 1000
  • ORP : x2/x0.5
  • And A LOT OF other things on Discord
Other Settings
  •   Harvest multiplier : x10 (x20/15/12/10)
  • Experience multiplier : x10
  • Taming multiplier : x10
  • Egg Hatch : x25
    Baby Maturation : x25
    Mating Interval : 0.2
    Crop Growth : 3
    Player Food/Water Consumption : 0.5
    Dino/Baby Food/Water Consumption : 0.8
    Beacon Loot Quality : 1.3
    Fishing Loot Quality : 1.6


General Rules

1.1 Recommended language for communication is English.
1.2 No hacks, exploits, duping, meshing or lagg attempts
1.3 Insiding is strictly forbidden
1.4 You are required to have the same tribemembers and tribename across the cluster
1.5 Cheating, aimbotting, duping or undermeshing (including shooting through mesh) is strictly prohibited and punished with a ban.
1.6 Breaking WC’s Code of conduct in any way is forbidden.
1.7 Admins are not obliged to give back any property or dinos lost due to any in-game situation, bugs, outages and roll backs.

PVP Rules

2.1 Teaming with another tribe during PvP is not allowed : Join raid, defending an other tribe from an attack, coordinated world attack. Trading and doing bossfight is fine.
If you suspect that your enemies are teaming, please create a ticket with solid proofs (several log screenshots, or even a video) and detailed situation description.
2.2 Counter-fobbing is allowed. 3rd party attackers ARE NOT oblidged to continue raid. But if they “protect”, even involuntarily, same tribe for more than twice, they will get a warning and teaming suspicion.
2.3 You can only keep a player imprisoned for 1 hour every 24h.
2.4 Meshbiting with Mek, titan… is forbidden.

Building Rules

3.1 Do not build invisible or invincible structures
Do not build in Player spawn, Wyvern Scars, Rock Drake nests, Crystal Bee cave & underwater loot tunnel, Gen1 Volcano entrance & inside, Ragnarok ice queen, golem, Aberration surface entrances.
3.2 Do not build in knock-out, grapple, zipline, no kaprosuchus/pelagronis, mesh or chair spots
3.3 Do not build in a mesh spot. If your spot have an access to the mesh, it’s forbidden
3.4 Open turrets are allowed on active PVP/farming only – Do not let more than 1 fully battery in it if you leave or you’ll be warned
3.5 Use tunnels to bypass turrets is forbidden – only on dino saddles
3.6 Floating structures is forbidden
3.7 Abusing stacking foundations in prohibited (more than 2)

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